The sun is your enemy. The harsh UV radiation and heat are now a death sentence. You must scavenge at night to stay alive during the day.

Balance your hunger and hydration to keep your life at full. Exposure to the sun will eventually kill you. As will starvation and extreme thirst.

W S A D to move

E to open / activate

Note: This is the #LOWREZJAM version of Bright. There were a lot of features that didn't make it into this version and there are a few issues with Z layer sorting yet to be addressed.
We were also planning on adding the musical talent of @LizRainsberry but ran out of time. It'll be in the next update. In the meantime, you can listen to it here:

Thanks and enjoy!

Code: Roland White "Rowbotiq"
Art and animation: Douglas Hand @gaminghand


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What's your twitter? I want to follow the development! Thanks and good luck!

it's @gaminghand thanks!

We've started work on our #LOWREZJAM 2016 submission 'Bright'
We're looking forward to seeing what people think of it when we release!